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The name Avery Milton is inspired by the painter Milton Avery.

His life story is an inspiration to all creative people who let their passion be the center of their life.

At 16 years old he had to work in factories to support his family, to follow his passion he worked nighttime at the factory and daytime as a painter. 

Success in life is doing what you love and enjoying your time doing it.

He became famous for the abstract way of creating his art and for not following mainstream trends during his time.


"Through my upbringing, I have found myself in two worlds.
For the first 12 years of my life, I lived in the "projects" where people from different nationalities lived.
We moved to a middle-class neighborhood where most people had a Swedish background.
I never felt at home in either but a connection in both.
My design is inspired by the mix of both worlds.
Avery Milton is my interpretation of Scandinavian design meets Street art."




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