Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.  This Privacy Policy contains general information about how we manage your personal data and comply with the relevant legislation. It also describes your rights to us and how you can assert your rights.

Avery Milton is responsible for the processing of personal data that you provide to us as a customer and these are processed by us to manage your purchases, as well as for marketing purposes if you subscribed to the newsletter. Avery Milton does not disclose personal information, e-mail addresses or other third-party customer information other than those mentioned in the third paragraph below.

  • We collect your name, address, email and phone to deliver your ordered product.
  • We collect your name, address, email and mobile phone number when buying a product. In some cases also national identity number, gender, purchase-, payment- and order history, credit card number, delivery address and IP-address.
  • Avery Milton does not sell your personal data to other organisations. In some cases we may need to share your personal data with selected third parties, for example freight or payment companies.
  • When we save your data for purposes other than our contractual commitments, eg to meet requirements for money laundering, accounting and regulatory capital requirements, we save the data only as long as necessary and / or statutory for the purpose.
  • Right to access your data. You can request a copy of the information you would like to know and verify the information we have about you.
  • You are entitled to correct incorrect or incomplete information about yourself.
  • Right to be deleted (“The right to be forgotten”). You are entitled to request the deletion of your personal data for those cases where the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. However, there may be legal obligations for Avery Milton, which prevents us from immediately deleting parts of your data. These obligations derive from accounting and tax legislation, but also from consumer law. What we do then is to block the data we are required to save, from being used for purposes other than fulfilling such legal obligations.

If you have any questions about how we deal with your personal data on Avery Milton, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a text file stored on your computer. Cookies are typically used to improve user experience, for example, to customize a site according to the visitor’s wishes and choices. A permanent cookie remains on the visitor’s computer for a certain amount of time. A session cookie is stored temporarily in the computer’s memory while a visitor is on a web page. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

We do not use permanent cookies. Session cookies are used to check if you are logged in, or if you have placed a product in the shopping cart, and when using product filtering.

You can also choose to delete any cookie files that have been placed with you at any time. If you do not want to allow cookies, you can choose to change settings in your web browser so that they are not accepted. By accepting cookies on your computer, Avery Milton considers that you grant your permission that cookies are used to visit us. If your browser or firewall is set to deny cookies, you can place your order by email at

Avery Milton uses Google Analytics as a tool to get a picture of how visitors use the site. We use this information to see how the visitor, our customer uses our website and our different categories and pages. We provide visitor statistics, for example, we use reports of visits to the site to improve content, navigation and structure. The information is not stored at Avery Milton. The Analysis tool uses cookies and the information generated by these through your use of the site is forwarded to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Avery Milton uses an anonymization feature at Google Analytics, where the tool removes the last digits of the visitors’ IP address before the task is stored at Google. Google may transfer this information to third parties if required by law or in cases where a third party treats the information on behalf of Google.

If you have logged in to a social network, such as Facebook, they may have stored a cookie file on your device that identifies you when viewing content on our sites. With such cookies, you can share content across multiple social media through sharing settings, and they allow social networks to track your activities. Read more information in the privacy policy or cookie policy for each social network.