With an elegant Scandinavian design, Avery Milton brings out the best of your look, whether you are at University, at a meeting or enjoying a night out with your friends. Every day is an Avery Milton day. Our inspiration comes from the beautiful Swedish landscape as well as the sentimental Italian municipality. Avery Milton seeks adventure around every corner and sees the world as one holistic place of work. Avery Milton is for you who are bold enough to embrace your destiny and follow your dreams. For the adventurous and fearless spirit with a passion for high quality in life. Avery Milton, for the one who dares to live. 

Attention to design and detail is our passion. We believe in creating affordable watches with the highest quality components and materials.


The passion for creating beautiful products is the core foundation at Avery Milton. As Scandinavians we celebrate functionality and simplicity together with beauty and clean lines. With a long lasting love for watches we decided to follow our dream, to create stylish watches that are made to last, rather than be replaced. Avery Milton is designed in Sweden.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


- Leonardo da Vinci


Our mission is to create watches that are really good both for the planet and for you. To ensure premium quality in all of our products, we have worked hard to source the best of each components in the world. The heart of Avery Milton watch is a Swiss Made Movement, same as used in expensive luxury watches. The case is made of 316L surgical stainless steel which has an extra low carbon content grade and is extremely resistant to corrosion.The glass is made of sapphire crystal. It has superb transparency and is extraordinary scratch-resistant. It is the same glass used in high-end luxury watches. The result is Avery Milton, a high-end luxury watch at an affordable price.


Our straps are made of vegetable-tanned leather from Florence, Italy. The productive cycle of this type of organic leather is strictly monitored to ensure a low impact on the environment. The best part of it is that no leather looks like any other making it unique on your wrist. A one of kind object that reflects the owners´s lifestyle. We use the finest, most luxurious premium leather from Tuscany certified by the Italian vegetable-tanned leather consortium. With a purchase of a watch or an additional leather strap we provide an elegantly scripted certificate of warranty. 

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